DeafWatch™ have set out to change the culture of fire alarms for deaf people. For far too long, making sure that everyone is safe in every location has proven to be expensive. Rather than do the right thing, organisations have determined that the cost has been too high and have either done very little, nothing or introduced a system that is not fit for purpose.

Because our transmitter covers much greater distance than any other system in the market, we can cover much larger areas with fewer transmitters. We also sell them at a fair price. The DeafWatch™ transmitter provides ultimate surety with its signal and will repeatedly alert users the moment the standard fire alarm is raised by sending a guaranteed radio signal to their pager which is the sole requirement of the system, detailed in BS5839: 1 2017.

DeafWatch™ makes recommending a fire alarm system for the hard of hearing simple.

DeafWatch™ combines a best-in-class signal and outstanding specifications at a fair price, so your customer saves money without compromising on quality. And with an average service life of 10 years, its whole-of-life costs are exceptional value.

With DeafWatch™ you and your users can be confident that, in the event of a fire, they will be warned immediately and repeatedly. We have supplied successful systems to universities, colleges, schools, large retailers, office blocks, warehouses, police stations, hospitals, apartment blocks and Royal Mail.

DeafWatch™ uses a Technically Assigned Radio DeafWatch™ from Ofcom. This ensures exceptional power output and wide coverage within the specified area as well as the best available monitored signal security.

With universities and other public organisations seeking to save money wherever they can, we provide the best possible value. This enables you to do the right thing and not discriminate against your deaf and hearing-impaired users. Because we are also looking to create the perfect balance between safety and user friendliness, you can be certain that we put the well-being of your users and your peace of mind at a premium.

Of course, we not only provide savings at the point of sale, we also provide tailored maintenance contracts that are also much lower than those of our competitors.  Often we can provide return on complete replacement within a couple of years of the purchase.

We are always happy to demonstrate that we can provide you net savings, possibly even if you already have a system installed. Please just give us a call on 01858 790060 or email us on