Keeping students safe – at every level of education

DeafWatch™ is the perfect solution for all schools, colleges and university campuses.

Our transmitters have an extensive signal range, which covers the whole of your campus at the same time to keep everyone safe for a reasonable price.

Our university clients include Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, University of Northampton, Queen Mary University, De Montfort University and many more

We also provide alarm systems for more than a dozen further education colleges, plus independent and state schools throughout the country.

Keeping your employees safe – flexible solutions for flexible working

Ever more companies are waking up to the need to keep their deaf employees safe from fire.

DeafWatch™ is a leading provider of immediate and repeated alert systems for everyday use in factories, offices and more. We are constantly working to development our paging system to improve the user experience.

We have supplied systems to Disney Group, Bloomberg and Royal Mail, all of whom have been delighted with our service.

Keeping your visitors safe – theatres, shopping centres, cinemas and more

Organisations that regularly welcome deaf visitors also have a duty to make sure all their guests are alerted in the event of a fire.

Our fire alarm pagers provide clear and concise evacuation instructions, so your hearing-impaired visitors know exactly what is happening and where to go.

We have fitted DeafWatch™ in a range of shopping centres, theatres, cinemas, council buildings and libraries.

Keeping guests safe – hotels and accommodation buildings

The risk of fire for deaf people is highest at night. DeafWatch™ features a range of night-time options to alert users even when they are asleep, so you can get them to safety without wasting time having to alert your staff first. This means your deaf guests will be every bit as safe as those with typical hearing.

DeafWatch™ systems are already successfully used by Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Café Royal, University and SCAPE residences.

Keeping your clients happy –design consultants, fire alarm companies, electrical contractors

DeafWatch™ provides absolute reassurance at a great value price. All our systems and service contracts adhere to BS 5839: 1 2017. Our best-in-class system ensures complete coverage no matter the size, scale or type of construction of your buildings.

The Wireless Alert Solutions team are always happy to show you how DeafWatch™ offers the best value for money and safest bet for your customers.