We have some incredible news about our wireless refuge system.

Our Wireless RefugeWatch™ system is going digital.

“That’s great”, I hear you say. “But what’s RefugeWatch, why wireless and what difference does digital make?”

What’s RefugeWatch™?

  • RefugeWatch™ is an emergency voice refuge system. It was designed to allow disabled people to go to a safe area and communicate that they need assistance.

Why wireless?

The wireless feature allows you to fit the refuge system with minimal complexity so all you need is a mains supply.

What difference does digital make?

  • Greater security; it stops external interference
  • More intelligent; it can track faults, modify performance and avoid issues automatically.
  • Size; it’s a much smaller system. A quarter the size of analogue RefugeWatch™
  • Scope; a digital signal allows us to use the mesh network of outstations, extending the range.
  • Adaptability; the system is designed from the ground up to provide a series of interfaces and functions.
  • Reliability; remote monitoring, data interface and remote testing.
  • Price; astonishingly for a system that is taking such a huge leap forward, we are looking at halving the price. This will also mean much lower maintenance costs.

We will be rolling out the digital RefugeWatch™ system in the next few months. If you would like more information, please contact us on 01858 790060 or sales@wasol.co.uk